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Career Pro positions our clients to earn up to five figure pay increases. Career Pro has partnered with countless clients across several states and 3 countries. Our clients have landed multiple job interviews, same day job offers, salary increases up to $55k, better job benefits and their dream career!



As a Human Resources Professional of nearly 10 years, Career Pro understands the importance of first impressions, content, design, layout and formatting when it comes to resumes. Career Pro specializes in creating resume packages that are Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimized and keyword optimized to increase the chances of your resume landing into the recruiter or hiring manager's hands versus the "No" pile. Career Pro collaborates with their clients to align their transferable key skills, professional accomplishments and development to their career goal at hand. Further, Career Pro works closely with all clients to understand their experience, skills, goals and call attention to those through data metrics in order to catch the prospective employer's eyes and set you above the competition.

I went to Chelsea because I have no idea how to write a resume. She transformed my resume into a work of art. I've put my resume on indeed, and I've started getting an offer for jobs in my field. She made my resume more comfortable to read and way more organized than I ever could. I even got a generic cover letter that I can use for jobs. I'm happy with her service, and I'm very grateful to her. I have a few interviews lined up already.

Crystal C.

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